Every firm must adopt smart, practical strategies to grow its customer base. Accounting firms aren’t left out of this since it’s challenging to grow the profession. That said, with the rise of new marketing strategies fueled by technological advancements in the 21st century, accounting firms can now use marketing strategies optimized to attract their target clients. Below are some marketing services for CPAs.

Create an SEO Website

Since many clients conduct internet research before contacting a service, having a website is no longer a “good thing to have.” It’s a need. You can attract the proper people directly to your website by setting up an SEO website and targeting keywords your potential clients use. When someone is researching a service they need, a professional-looking website can help them decide. Also, make sure your homepage has an interesting call-to-action (CTA). It prevents visitors from exiting your site without booking a call or completing a form to learn more.

Create a Blog Page for Your Practice

Creating a blog is a very successful CPA marketing approach. Blog entries with certain keywords will rank higher in search results. You gain increased visibility, website traffic, and quality leads when you rank on Google’s first page. Blogging is valuable to your consumers since it answers their queries and assists them in finding solutions to their issues. To create excellent blogs, you must conduct keyword research to identify the problems that your target audience is attempting to address. Alternatively, you might also use the services of a content marketing company. The act of developing relevant, valuable, and specific information to reach a certain audience is known as content marketing.

Utilize Social Media

The benefits of social media for an accounting firm are enormous, which is why it is one of the most effective marketing services for CPAs. It can syndicate content and increase your brand’s exposure and recognition. If you use social media, you must incorporate it into your plan. Post content often and engage with followers regularly. Putting your company on a platform where users share, like, and talk increases your exposure and can drive more visitors to your website.

Maximize Email Marketing

While most businesses engage with their consumers daily via email, many underutilize this potential. Maximize your email marketing efforts by providing regular updates and eye-catching material that focuses on business strategy and financial suggestions rather than just accounting.

Using the above marketing services for CPAs improves visibility and draws potential clients to your accounting firm. Do you need help setting up marketing services for your accounting firm? Give us a call to get help from experienced marketing professionals.