Direct Mail Fulfillment

Did you know that traditional marketing is still incredibly important? Even in the digital age, your marketing strategy should still include traditional marketing tactics. One way to boost your tax and accounting company’s marketing is by including direct mail marketing services.

What is Direct Mail Fulfillment?

Direct mail marketing is when you send mail directly to current customers and potential customers in order to create awareness about have a product or service that you would like to promote. But, direct mail fulfillment is a little bit different. Direct mail fulfillment is when you outsource your mailing to another company so you don’t have to print, stuff, and mail envelopes by yourself. It is simply outsourcing the tedious work of the physical print and mail letters.

That is where CPA Marketing Firm comes in. We can create an effective campaign for your tax company to print and mail things such as referral stimulation letters, lien and notice letters, and Shock and Awe packages. Not only do we understand the tax and accounting industry, but we understand the marketing industry. When you combine the two together, you get a company that is ready to get you noticed first.

Why You Should Outsource

Our team is fully equipped to handle all print, packaging, and sending needs. This takes the stress away from you so you can handle your day-to-day responsibilities and can invest your time elsewhere. You can also expect a quicker turnaround time than if you did it yourself. We have a team where their main priority is to handle all of your direct mail fulfillment services.

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Our team of marketing professionals will do everything we can to help your small business grow within the accounting industry. We are completely transparent with our pricing so that you do not experience any surprises. You can count on us to be honest and open with you from the start of the conversation. Call CPA Marketing Firm at 309-767-0004 or schedule an appointment to get started with our direct mail fulfillment services today!

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