Digital Marketing for CPAs

Does your accounting group have a digital marketing plan? If so, is it specific to your industry? Are you creating it yourself or have you hired a marketing company to do it, and if you have outsourced your digital marketing for CPAs, does the company you are working with have experience focusing solely on marketing for tax groups?

It’s no secret that digital marketing has become not only a necessary part of any business’s marketing but an integral part of the company’s growth as well. CPA Marketing Firm is here to help your accounting firm rise to new heights through a creative digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional


While the phrase “digital marketing” is truly synonymous with just “marketing” these days, it is still important to know the difference between more traditional forms of marketing and its digital side, so that your company can avoid falling behind the times. The primary difference that you need to understand is the outlets you choose to focus your marketing plans. Traditional marketing would focus on billboards and printed ads, and maybe TV commercials.

Any new-age digital marketing services for accountants, though, would focus primarily on online ads and social media. This doesn’t mean there is no longer merit in TV commercials, but print media is consumed less and less by the day. While there are experts out there that might disagree with this, there is no denying that online media is the primary outlet for most people these days. That’s why advertisements that focus on social media work so well, and why there is a need to have a very strong online presence in order to succeed.

Building Your Online Presence

As we just mentioned, creating a strong online presence for your company is essential. This includes building and maintaining a blog, keeping social media channels up-to-date, and utilizing smart CPA digital marketing strategies can have just as strong an effect on boosting your business as an advertisement.

Email marketing is also a useful tool in your CPA digital marketing plan.

Both sending out email advertisements and getting people to subscribe to a newsletter of some sort when they open your site can help grow your business. The art of email marketing isn’t necessarily easy, but by hiring a professional marketing team to help you, it can really pay off.

If you’re trying to reach younger audiences, starting a podcast or Youtube channel with information on taxes and accounting can also be a great way to create a strong online presence for your company. By educating your viewers, you can build up trust before inviting them to try your services. Heck even TikTok marketing works for the right demographic.

Why Accounting-Specific Marketing Agencies are a Necessity

We won’t beat around the bush on this one. Hiring a marketing agency that specializes in working with accountants and tax practices can make a difference. At CPA Marketing Firm, we have years of experience in growing small to medium-sized tax groups through detailed digital marketing plans.

With our expertise on your side, backed by our parent group Profit 911, we can guarantee results. That’s because to us, you’re not just another customer.

Each of our clients is a unique business of their own, and all of them have different needs when it comes to their digital marketing. By understanding this, we can help push you forward in the way that works best for YOUR business.

If you’re ready to get started with our professional digital marketing services for accountants, reach out to us today. We will be happy to provide you with information on how the first few months will go and what to expect from our services. We can also tell you about our other services, which include website design, SEO services, printing, and more. Don’t settle for less-than-impressive digital marketing strategies. Contact CPA Marketing Firm today.

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