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If you’re a tax expert, your specialty lies within numbers. That’s why you need a marketing group behind you to supply the creative side for your customers. At CPA Marketing Firm, we specialize in helping small to medium-sized tax and accounting companies with all things marketing and creative, to take that stress away.

Any great website needs to be aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to use and navigate to help attract new clients and retain the ones you currently have. A website can quite literally be the first impression you make on a customer, so it makes it all the more important to have an optimized, clean website. If you’re looking for website designers for accountants and tax practices, CPA Marketing Firm has you covered.

Why Website Design Matters

As we said before, you cannot stress how important good web design is to making or breaking your business. When you want to attract new customers, it’s critical to immediately grab their attention in a positive way. According to a Stamford study, 75% of people base a company’s credibility on the visual aspects of its web design. A Google research study also showed that new visitors to a site form their first impression and pass judgments within 50 milliseconds.

Saying that a good web design is a necessary part of running a business isn’t for nothing. For your CPA firm website design, there are multiple different aspects that come into play, each as important as the next. CPA Marketing Firm is a team full of masterful website designers for accountants and tax practices, and we want to bring our expertise to your company. You can contact us for more information, or read our reviews to learn about our past work.

Elements for a Great CPA Firm Website Design

No two websites are built the same. However, there are a few key elements that, when implemented, can make any company’s website look and feel great. A few of the major factors your website designers will focus on are:

  • User-friendliness
  • Professionalism
  • Compelling graphics

Impress Customers With a User-Friendly CMS

Have you ever logged onto a site that was so hard to use you immediately clicked off? Yeah, you don’t want that to be your client’s experience with your site. Having a site that is clear and concise to use, from requesting estimates to finding a contact page, is incredibly important. This includes having a functional navigation system to help your clients find their way around your site. Your site should also be optimized for your mobile-using customers so that they can still find the information they need from their cellphones.

Build Your Professional Appearance

When you’re trying to perfect your CPA firm website design, professionalism is key. You want to communicate with your clients that you have experience in the field, and having a clear website can help you do this. Using elevated but accessible language is important, as well as keeping a neutral color scheme. A modern website is also seen as more trustworthy, another reason why hiring expert website designers for accountants and tax groups is critical.

Entice Clients with Compelling Graphics

Another major rule of thumb when designing a website is to make use of graphics. A website that is primarily text-based is not interesting for the viewer’s eye and can cause potential future clients to click away. You want to make sure that your site has a good balance of text and graphics in order to be the most visually appealing it can be while still providing clients with the information they need.

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