In the last ten years, the way we use email has changed dramatically. In fact, email marketing has evolved so much that some have stated that classic approaches such as email blasts are no longer viable. Is that the case? What are the best marketing services for CPAs or any other business? Let’s take a closer look.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Let’s be clear: email marketing statistics demonstrate that it’s not going away anytime soon. According to Optinmonster.com, every year we send 102.6 trillion emails. And the numbers are predicted to keep rising, with a total of 126.7 trillion expected to be transmitted by 2022. On a daily basis, the average email subscriber receives 13 emails. In fact, according to Mailjet.com, email marketing has a 4,400% ROI.


Engagement rates are more essential than usage or reach because if individuals ignore emails, it doesn’t matter whether everyone receives them or not. The average open rate for email newsletters is 21.33%, while the average click-through rate is 2.6%, according to Thewisemarketer.com.

Social media have lower engagement rates. According to Facebook data, the average interaction rate is 0.27%. Instagram and Twitter reached 1.73% and 0.046% average engagement rates per post, respectively. Compared to marketing emails, these outcomes are poor. Marketing services for CPAs should include email marketing.

Return on Investment.

ROI is one of the most important factors in marketing success. You’ll also need to spend time and money creating quality content or hiring others to do it for you. As a result, organizations want to discover if email marketing can enhance conversions and revenue. Among marketing services for CPAs, email marketing ranks top.

Email as a channel now yields an outstanding ROI of around $48 for every $1 spent, according to recent data. This means that email is still the major communication channel for both marketers and consumers at all phases of the customer lifecycle. Email is also the essential channel around which our omnichannel approach should be constructed.

Email marketing is still alive and well and is probably not going anywhere soon. Email marketing has a high ROI and engagement rate. For the best possible marketing for CPAs, contact your local email marketing specialists now.