As a CPA, you are handling something incredibly important to your clients: their money. You want to give them a website that invites, informs, and encourages them to contact you. You do not have to invent something new or make a flashy website. You want them to feel comfortable and confident with you, and your website should display that. Content marketing for accounting firms is extremely important. When considering a website design for accountants, there are three things you want to keep in mind.

#1 – Tell Them Information

You need to capture your audience. You can expect about 89% of clients to shop with your competitor if they have a poor user experience with your website. When thinking about a website design for accountants, your numbers and statistics matter. You are handling money, and potential clients want to see how successful you will be with theirs. Additionally, they also want to know who is touching their money, so introduce yourself and your staff. You should be sure to provide recent pictures of all your staff.

#2 – Provide Resources

Most of the time, someone comes to your website because they want to find out what you can do for them. Your website design for accountants should outline and explain the services you offer. You want to use understandable language without talking down to the user. You should never list services that you do not provide. Give potential clients resources that can help them. They are probably looking at your website outside of business hours. Provide them with enough information to make them feel like you are the right person for their needs.

#3 – Call To Action

Any website design for accountants must have a call to action that is clear and informative. You want them to contact you so give them information to do so. You want to display your phone number and link to a contact form. No customer will want to search for ways to reach out to you. You must be responsive. If they leave a message or submit an online form, be sure to contact them back as soon as possible.

While a website design for accountants may cause people to leave your website and never give you the time of day, you do not have to create something elaborate to capture their business. You want your website to be clearly understood, which is easy to find while installing a sense of trust in the viewer.